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High-quality, safe toys that encourage children to explore nature

Why partner with Natura?

Safe & High Quality

Each of our products is made with the high quality materials to ensure safety and durability while also providing endless fun and learning opportunities.

Our specimens have passed the European Union CE certification and North America CPSC certification.


We believe in the power of learning through play, which is why our toys are designed to be both entertaining and educational. We have crafted our toys to reflect different nature themes and ecosystems, with educative cards and beautiful illustrations to enhance their learning experience.

Foster love for Nature

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. At Natura, we want to bring the wonders of nature into children's hands!

Artful and Imaginative Play

Every illustration in our products is hand-drawn by our talented and acclaimed design team. They pour their passion and expertise into every detail, creating a visually stunning experience for children.
Our toys are thoughtfully designed to engage children in fun and imaginative play while fostering their curiosity about the natural world.

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