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Welcome to the world of Natura specimen - butterfly set! Experience the beauty of nature with our set of 9 rare and exquisite butterflies, carefully crafted to perfection. Each butterfly has undergone a rigorous process of 15 steps and 600 hours of sheer craftsmanship, resulting in an exquisite specimen that is truly one-of-a-kind.


We have used only the finest materials in our production process - the first-class Japanese high-polymer acrylic. The result is a stunning specimen that exudes crystal purity, and one that you will treasure for a lifetime.


At Natura, we believe in the preservation and respect for nature. Our butterfly set is an expression of that belief, and our intent is to encourage children to explore and learn from the wonders of nature. Our butterfly set is an exceptional tool for learning and discovering, and it provides a fun and interactive way to engage and inspire young minds.


Experience the magic of nature with Natura specimen - butterfly set! This set is the perfect addition to any collection or a unique and unforgettable gift for nature enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to bring the beauty of nature into your home today.

The Flying Flowers - Butterflies

SKU: 10008
$239.00 Regular Price
$167.30Sale Price
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