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Introducing our Silkworm Life Cycle Playdough Play Mat, the perfect adventure for your little explorer! This A3-sized (11.7 x 16.5 inches) play mat will take them on a fascinating journey through the world of silkworms, all while having oodles of fun!


Eagerly dive into the silkworm life cycle as your child shapes colorful playdough into tiny eggs, curious hatchlings, munching caterpillars, and marvelous silk-spinning cocoons. They'll be mesmerized watching the transformation from cocoon to stunning silk moth!


With its easy-to-clean design, just a quick wipe will make it ready for the next adventure. And the best part? It's super reusable, guaranteeing endless playdates with playdough pals.


Playmat - Silkworm Life Cycle

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