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The Natura Ocean Creatures Set is the perfect way to introduce your child to the wonders of marine life! This impressive set contains 11 meticulously crafted aquatic animal specimens that have been perfectly preserved in child-safe acrylic blocks. From the majestic sea star to the fascinating jellyfish, each specimen is a testament to the beauty and diversity of life found in our oceans.


The Natura team has taken great care to ensure that each specimen in this set is of the highest quality. Our craftsmen have spent over 600 hours using 15 different processes to create these stunning pieces, and only the finest Japanese high-polymer acrylic has been used in their production. The result is a set of specimens that are crystal clear, brilliantly colored, and exquisitely detailed.


But our dedication to quality doesn't stop there. At Natura, we believe in the importance of respecting and protecting our natural world. That's why we've designed this set with the intention of sparking your child's curiosity and interest in the natural world. We want our specimens to be more than just objects for display - we want them to be a source of joy, learning, and discovery.

Ocean Life

SKU: 10006
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