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Introducing the Frog Life Cycle Specimen from Natura! This remarkable specimen has undergone 15 intricate processes, taking a total of 600 hours of expert craftsmanship to create. We have spared no effort in using only the finest materials in our production, such as first-class Japanese high-polymer acrylic, to achieve a crystal-clear level of purity.


Our passion for nature and respect for the environment are evident in every aspect of our creation. Our goal is to inspire children to explore and learn about the wonders of nature by offering them a chance to engage with this fascinating specimen in a fun and playful way.


The Frog Life Cycle Specimen from Natura is a fantastic educational tool for children of all ages. It offers a unique opportunity to see the life cycle of a frog up close, from eggs to tadpoles to fully-grown adults. It provides a tangible and interactive way for children to learn about the natural world and develop an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of life.

Frog Life Cycle

SKU: 10001
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