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Exploring Pollination

🌸 Hello fellow nature enthusiasts! Today, we want to share an absolutely delightful and educational outdoor activity that we came across. We'd like to give a big shoutout to the amazing for her brilliant idea of combining specimens with outdoor activities to introduce honeybee pollination! 🐝🌼

So, here's what she did:


🌸 Chalk

🌸 A grater

🌸 Dark socks

"We drew flowers and my kids colored them in while grating chalk to create “pollen”. They jumped from flower to flower “drinking nectar” and examined the pollen transfer along the way. Sidewalk chalk has a way of naturally sticking to my kids, so the dark socks may not be needed, but they definitely helped provide an additional visual. At the end, the driveway and my kids were covered in yellow “pollen” 😅.

This STEAM activity provided additional gross and fine motor opportunities along the way."

Isn't that absolutely amazing? Not only does this activity engage children with the beauty of nature and the importance of pollination, but it also encourages creativity and motor skill development.

Imagine your little ones transforming into busy bees, flitting from flower to flower, collecting "pollen" and spreading it along the way. What a wonderful sight it must be! And the best part? It's all done in the great outdoors, where the fresh air and sunshine can add an extra layer of joy to the experience.

Is your curiosity buzzing to try this activity? We thought so! It's a fantastic way to get children excited about nature and teach them the valuable lesson of how bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem.

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